Procurement Rethought

In a senior role, INTP Consultants worked with the organization’s business, operations and policy management to understand the challenges and requirements necessary to create the best operational model and procurement strategy for their support services. A jurisdictional review was performed across Canada and the world, to understand how other similar organizations conducted their business operations. Industry suppliers were also contacted for their insights. An operational model and procurement strategy was recommended.

The Business Challenge

Our client was preparing for a major procurement exercise involving a Request For Proposal (RFP). A Request For Information (RFI) was published, however the results provided limited additional information. Therefore, INTP and the management decided to conduct research into whether the operational model was the most appropriate.

Navigating a Solution

INTP conducted the research which bore much more information. Contacting other similar organizations in other jurisdictions across Canada and the world, INTP gathered information related to the various operations. INTP analysed the different models’ strengths and weaknesses and applied the knowledge to our client’s status, maturity, funding sources, past history and future requirements. The analysis focussed on how the operations/procurement will address the client’s long term needs.

The Business Outcome

INTP focused our efforts on ensuring the client was successful in operating their new financial systems. Documentation for the organization’s senior management was created and provided along with the recommended operational model and procurement strategy. This documentation proved valuable when the executive was challenged in a public forum.