Supporting a Business Led Technology Program

In a senior program management role, INTP ensured the Business Sponsor’s needs were met by working with the Finance, IT and Vendor project teams to focus on business outcomes. The Program’s objective was to implement a comprehensive banking sub-ledger (Bank Analyzer 8.0), and appropriate reconciliation framework across the landscape (SAP Banking, CRM, PE, & ECC). The program sponsor was the Chief Financial Officer.

The Business Challenge

The major business driver of this program was to improve the visibility of financial results by implementing an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) compliant financial sub-ledger that allowed traceability from the General Ledger back to the underlying banking transaction. The resulting solution needed to support a faster month end close, improve external and internal financial reporting, and ensure consistent financial information across the organization.

Navigating a Solution

INTP made sure the planning, execution and change requests of the solution focused on the organization’s business outcomes. As the Project Management Office faced various decisions around scope, time and quality, INTP focused these decisions on the impact that they would have on the overall business outcome. In some cases this meant compromising functionality in order to stay on schedule or cost. In other cases it meant compromising on schedule or cost in order to meet functional requirements. There was no one decision that was the same or simple, but when overlaid with the impact to business outcomes, the right decision became clearer.

The Business Outcome

The new financial sub-ledger was implemented on time and within budget. Due to very effective deployment planning and testing, the system went live successfully just prior to a fiscal year end. The system proved to be complete and reconcilable, and has supported more efficient month end processing of financial data. All objectives of business functionality were delivered.