Supporting Safe and Healthy Workplaces

Filling the Project Manager role, INTP was responsible for managing the implementation of a ticketing and administrative penalty system for occupational health and safety violations. Working with the business areas, policy and delivery and IT, we ensured proper project management practices were followed by the stakeholder, while focusing on achieving the ultimate business goal – supporting healthy and safe workplaces. Responsibilities included the development of a project charter, communications plan, training plan and implementation plan. The business launch successfully went live in 2014.

The Business Challenge

The client had limited means to enforce employers’ compliance with occupational health and safety legislation. In 2010, a working group comprised of industry and labour representatives had recommended the use of ticketing to non-compliant workers, and non-compliant employers who are on site and responsible for directing work activities of workers. Subsequently, in 2011, a governmental committee approved a proposal to implement a ticketing system for occupational health and safety violations. Subsequently, a project to deliver the recommended ticketing system was established.

Navigating a Solution

INTP brought a structured project management approach to the project, keeping our client focused on delivering a system that supported the critical business objective of supporting healthy and safe workplaces. With the project scope well identified, it was apparent when a formal and defined change to scope needed to occur to better meet business outcomes, as when an administrative penalty system was incorporated into the project. INTP’s work with senior executives on the steering committee was instrumental in managing this scope change. INTP also strengthened change management efforts in order to support the delivery staff who were experiencing a significant shift in their roles and relationships with employers. For example, as part of this project, compliance officers were required to become peace officers in order to distribute tickets, which was a major cultural change. INTP assisted the client through a thorough change management plan and process.

The Business Outcome

INTP was single minded in focusing efforts on the client successfully establishing and operating the new ticketing and administrative penalty systems. The main business outcome of improving the health and safety culture of individuals and workplaces was never put aside or lost in the project details. The delivery staff needed to be prepared in order to successfully implement the new systems. INTP brought both their project and change management knowledge to create a project approach that supported the client in focusing on their ultimate business outcome of healthy and safe workplaces.