About INTP

Focused on the Outcomes before the How-Tos

In 2005, INTP Consultants was formed with a specific focus on navigating our clients to their business outcomes rather than just managing solutions. To expand our reach we took a bold step in forming a unique network of like-minded independent consultants. Our network of consultants strives to help businesses achieve successful outcomes and further develop the navigating mindset.

Our Values

Everything we do is grounded on our philosophy of bringing an independent and unbiased perspective to your business. To this end, you can trust that we are motivated to make the right decisions for your company.

Our Approach

We believe that all organizations make the right decisions when they focus on achieving the outcomes before focusing on the processes. We are dedicated to navigating our clients to successful outcomes by continually refocusing on their strategy so that they don’t get lost in the processes.

We also put ourselves in your shoes. By continually focusing on your business direction, we not only help make sure you are completing project tasks and meeting deadlines, but also achieving project results that support your company’s goals.

Whether you are a large, small, public or private firm, we are passionate and committed about helping your company achieve the success it deserves.