Finance Business Architecture

At INTP, we define Finance Business Architecture as the process of outlining how operational systems and processes interact with finance systems and processes. This information is used to improve how your operational information supports consistent and complete financial records. These financial records can be translated into financial information that is used for your organization’s internal and external reporting, performance management, and strategic decision making.

Our Finance Business Architecture service brings the following to your organization:

  • A vision of how finance can operate
  • An understanding of how operational and finance systems impact the vision
  • An understanding of how finance and operation processes are different
  • The alignment of system investment with business process change, into a logical roadmap
  • An influence on system implementation approaches in order to support finance needs, and a framework for future enhancements


Senior Consultants who deliver our Finance Business Architect service bring the following to your organization:

  • A focus on business outcomes as opposed to only focusing on completing the project
  • Significant experience in both information technology and finance industries
  • The capability of providing support at an executive level
  • Project planning experience including business case evaluations
  • Project management and system implementation experience
  • The ability to articulate complex business problems in the form of pictures
  • An understanding of the “What”, “Why”, and “When” of finance processes, which supports the design of the “How”