Joining INTP

INTP is always looking for new members who are professional independent consultants, and who are experienced and skilled at handling specific business challenges and managing projects.

We are interested in talking to independent professionals that share the navigation mindset to managing outcomes and:

  • Bring a proven track record of independent and unbiased perspective to client projects;
  • Have a strong business background with technical and project management skills;
  • Have successfully completed projects in a number of industries with either a business or technology focus;
  • Have supplemented their experience with professional qualifications in areas such as management information systems, project management and finance;
  • Have experience facilitating, developing and completing procurement projects on behalf of clients;
  • Work independently while maintaining strong client relationships; and
  • Possess excellent communication skills (facilitation, verbal and written).


A Membership Approach offers:

  • A unique opportunity to join a group of likeminded consultants, while retaining your independence;
  • A fixed subscription fee based membership that is not related to your billing. You will retain direct contract and rate negotiations with your client;
  • Support in finding contract opportunities and marketing your availability;
  • The opportunity to approach and join other members on team proposals;
  • Private INTP discussion boards that facilitate discussions, planning, and problem resolution by other INTP members;
  • Access to an INTP email account and online tools;
  • Opportunity to qualify for group rates for local business organization events, seminars, and conferences; and
  • Coverage of general liability and errors and omissions insurance for contracts initiated under INTP.


To learn more about joining INTP, please contact Brian Durkin at 780-499-4733 or  or Donald De Souza at 780-722-8798 or

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