Who are INTP

INTP is an Independent Network of Trusted Professionals who focus on navigating clients to their desired business outcomes.


The Independent status allows us to provide unbiased services to clients. Our member consultants are not affiliated with any software, system integrator or professional implementation services companies and our consultants have no referral sales or profit targets. An independent focus helps to better understand clients’ needs and recommend approaches that result in business success.


We are a Network of like-minded consultants who share a common set of values and approach to our consulting. The network approach enables independent consultants to share their experiences and collectively, continue to develop the navigating mind-set.

The network provides support for independent status consultants. It also presents the opportunity to collaborate and respond to the resource needs of larger projects.


INTP member consultants earn client Trust through performance, work ethic, attitude and client understanding. By listening, understanding and respecting clients’ needs, we are constantly focused on their desired business outcomes.

Relationships built on trust result in advice, recommendations and decisions that are right for the client.


INTP member consultants provide advice based on Professional skills and knowledge, in addition to understanding client needs. We stay current in our professional fields through continued education and training, and maintaining active memberships in industry organizations.