Business Success-not only Project Success

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When should you measure the success of a project? Is it: On implementation; 6 months later during a Post Implementation Review (PIR); Or when the desired outcomes/benefits have been/are being realized?

Your contracted vendors/developers/integrators are focused on implementation: i) to complete and deliver the product successfully; ii) to get compensated; iii) to reemploy their resources.

Your internal project oversight often get caught up in driving the project to the end, to get a deliverable within the time and budget. Therefore, project decisions can get impacted with this perspective, and move away from the intent of the deliverable.

INTP’s Outcome Navigation services can highlight these decision points and provide a check into business case/outcome success rather than project success.

Let’s face it! The project was commenced to realize some future benefits not just to have the deliverable, right?

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