Create Test Strategies for Business Outcomes

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From our experience we have seen many test strategies fail to include a focus on testing for business outcomes.  Most test strategies include a scenario based approach that tests for specific functional requirements.  But the test case inventory usually falls short of using business scenarios that were specifically outlined as business benefits in the project’s Business Case.

Can business outcomes be unrealistic or unattainable?

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In certain cases the business outcome identified may never be achieved (e.g. no traffic accidents in the city).  However, focusing every person, every job, every decision, every implementation on contributing to that outcome can go a long way to improving the situation.  The service measures (e.g. the number of accidents, the severity of accidents, the occurrence of accidents) are monitored along with service levels (e.g. reduce accidents by 10%, reduce severe accidents by 10%, reduce the occurrence of accidents at certain locations by 15%).  However, the focus is still on how to eliminate all accidents.

This type of business outcome can promote collaboration between various parties (e.g. the police, the road planners, the transit authority, the EMS service, the insurance companies).

Business Success-not only Project Success

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When should you measure the success of a project? Is it: On implementation; 6 months later during a Post Implementation Review (PIR); Or when the desired outcomes/benefits have been/are being realized?

Your contracted vendors/developers/integrators are focused on implementation: i) to complete and deliver the product successfully; ii) to get compensated; iii) to reemploy their resources.

Your internal project oversight often get caught up in driving the project to the end, to get a deliverable within the time and budget. Therefore, project decisions can get impacted with this perspective, and move away from the intent of the deliverable.

INTP’s Outcome Navigation services can highlight these decision points and provide a check into business case/outcome success rather than project success.

Let’s face it! The project was commenced to realize some future benefits not just to have the deliverable, right?

Success? Self-sufficient clients!

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Success is leaving our clients self-sufficient.  At INTP, we do not look to create ongoing project or operational roles for ourselves.  We can, and look forward to retaining a relationship for ongoing advisory consulting services, to further support our client’s achievement of their business outcomes.  Once we have a good understanding of your business and desired outcomes we can continue to provide valuable insights.

INTP Consultants Navigate!

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Have you ever had contractors that seemed to be with you forever!?!  Well, at INTP we really believe and live the adage that we are consultants (not contractors).  Yes, we are included on your team to perform duties and produce deliverables.  However, as we do that we look for and think of the best approach for you and your company and how that can be achieved effectively and efficiently.

For example, if a business process or tool is already in place, or an existing solution can be enhanced or brought in from another business area/jurisdiction to meet your current need, we will recommend and provide advise/guidance to that end.  Even if that means our contract is not required to its fullest.