Easy access to the right information

As Project Director and Project Manager, INTP was responsible for managing the implementation of a document automation and records management system. Working with the business areas, IT and the system integrator, we were responsible for ensuring appropriate project management practices were developed and followed by the project. This included the management of external dependencies and the coordination of all project management and change management functions. The Documentum system began successfully rolling out to business units during the engagement. INTP led the establishment of processes and training for continued business area implementations after our responsibilities were completed.

The Business Challenge

The client’s vision was for one complete document repository for all program and administrative records. Therefore they required a complete Electronic Records Management (ERM) software solution. They decided on Documentum software. INTP managed the initiative and projects to implement the software and operationalize it for a number of administrative and program areas’ records.

The implementation coincided with the employment of a records management functional classification system. This involved a new filing structure and new rules to define where files and records are stored within the structure.

Also, the appropriate security and access privileges were required. Plus the necessary retention policies needed to be identified and defined.

Navigating a Solution

INTP worked with the business leaders to identify the plans, schedule and sequence of business areas. The risks were identified and mitigated. The business areas identified the records to be retained from the transitory records and defined naming standards for the records and version control.

While individual business areas were transferring their records to the new software and classification system we ensured that the business leaders maintained their overall desired state of one complete repository of the complete full ministry records.

The initiative was extremely ambitious and could not be sustained over a short time frame. The initiative was changed to implement the records areas more slowly. Still, INTP provided direction to the business leaders in order for them to understand the implications and impacts as they moved forward under this revised perspective.

The Business Outcome

INTP assisted a number of business areas both program and administration to establish their classifications within the repository and set their security and retention programs. We provided training and change management for the staff to assimilate into the new software and repository so that the correct records were introduced and maintained.